Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-17-2009

  • 08:16:37: ARGH! How people iron at 6 AM and SO LOUDLY!? D:
  • 08:16:59: @MykalWane No, the arcade game Konami made in the 90's
  • 12:09:44: Who makes a time management game where "buying" an upgrade just mean it's available to buy again during gameplay? Farm Frenzy did! XP
  • 12:12:38: My 360 is already back? That was quicker than I expected! And I got a free month of XBL Gold too! I would have preferred Microsoft points...
  • 14:03:42: @toblix Can you just use the notepad thingie?
  • 14:14:14: @toblix I had Shop Shop, but I never had a shopping list that was big enough to write down, so I never use it and deleted it... : |
  • 16:04:37: Ceville is pretty fun so far, it is laying the pop culture references a bit thick though...
  • 17:59:04: I've always wanted to try a fluffernutter, but they don't sell marshmallow spread over here... :|
  • 19:51:39: I'd say Ceville is like Shrek, except I like Ceville a million times better, at least Ceville made me laugh! :3
  • 22:08:22: If the software piracy rate in Spain wasn't 99.9999999% maybe we'd have cool services like Gamefly.... >:(
  • 22:47:50: @surlyqueen 99'9999% of Spain doesn't even know that that kind of stuff exists! D:

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