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Total Eclipse and Katamari Conspiracy!

I was lucky enought to see today's eclipse it could only be seen in Spain and Portugal and I had the special glasses do I had no problem seeing it!

It was kinda weird, the shadow and lightning looked different, it was colder than usual and darker, but not pitch black...

I managed to see it at the moment the moon was right on top of the sun, and after that I ended up borrowing the glasses to nearly all the neighbours and fellow workers from the market place! I would of made a mint if I charged them, but that would have been wrong since I knew all them more or less personally...

The moment I got home I used some artificial tears on my eyes to be on the safe side...

Why on Earth is Europe deprived of Katamari Damacy? Everbody keeps saying it's the greatest game ever! They can't be afraid it will fail, right? Namco has released very mediocre games in Europe so it can't be the sales that worries them...

Is it the translation? How much dialogue does this game have? I doubt it's this either...

And it appears we won't get the sequel either! Not to mention the DS version is cancelled!

We might get the PSP version, but I'm not buying a PSP not even for this game!!!

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