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I'm proud of my PC...

One final update for today...

I'm quite proud of my computer, it's probably almost as powerfull as a next gen console or atleast more powerfull than the current gen ones, since it has NO trouble what so ever running the adaptations of Xbox or PS2 games I got recently...

Sudeki, House of the Dead III and Pyschonauts run perfectly on my PC despite being perfect ports of Xbox games, and I can run with even more ease Megaman X8 and Chaos Legion, ports of PS2 games...

Frankly I don't see people are so anti-PC gaming, these games cost me 10€ each, except Megamman which was 20€ and people would rather pay 60€ for the PS2 or Xbox one?

Sure you need to spend some bucks on upgrades, but if you buy 10-20 PC games a year you'll save enough for the upgrade, which should be vaild for 3-5 years, so in the end you saving big bucks anyway!
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