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From Twitter 08-14-2009


Previous Entry From Twitter 08-14-2009 Aug. 15th, 2009 @ 02:02 am Next Entry

  • 12:40:03: Canary Mary's challenge is insane in Banjo Tooie! My fingers are blistered and oozy! DX
  • 16:59:38: Strange... my DVD drive refuses to read a DVD game that I bought, but it works on the family laptop... which can't run it anyway...
  • 18:36:17: This budget bin game refuses to run... They'll only try to replace it with a new copy at the store, should I just sell it instead?
  • 20:03:16: You almost never get a refund at a game store, right?
  • 20:53:47: Follow Friday indie game edition! @auntiepixelante @WadjetEyeGames @RoRoDejobaan @TwistedPixJason
  • 21:57:13: I want to give the Hitman series a go when my backlog clears a little more, also, I'd like to try a rogue like RPG!
  • 22:20:01: So... Alien Abuse was made public domain and was ported to the iPhone, and now one of original programming is suing them? :|
  • 22:21:55: If something is public domain, you can do whatever you want with it, right?
  • 22:30:30: @apelad That would be one hell of a cigarette! I was just asking because of some Internet drama.

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