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Sundays and sandwiches....

When I woke up, why parents kinda dragged me to the mall, it's open the first Sunday of the month, to find a new washing machine, while I would just hang at the game or movie section...

I couldn't think of a reson not to go, so I did!

It was worth it! I found Godzilla VS. King Ghidorah and Godzilla VS, Biollante on DVD! SCORE! And they both had a "Godzilla Collection" label on them! Which can only mean there will be more! DOUBLE SCORE!

I also picked up a lot of budget PC games and I left quite satified...

Then we went to Mc Donalds, considering I should be avoiding these kinds of places for a while, it was probably a bad idea, but I was famished and my stomach refused to wait! "Blue Gamer needs food badly!" :P

Mental note: Not only must I avoid coffe or tea or other stimulants but I should avoid eating like an anime charcter... (Very fast)

I was so hungry that the food was gone in a flash, my father complained it would be bad for my stomach even though he ate all his food just as quickly...

But alas, he was right, the pain was quite intense later, but fortunately it went away fast...

When I arrived home I tried to play Nintendogs, but my parents were trying to nap and couldn't sleep with me talking loudly to my DS, so I had to quit...

Why they weren't curious about me talking to a videogame, was well... curious! It's not something I've done before...

I surfed the net looking for job offers to find a very interesting job offer...

They were looking for someone to work in a sandwich factory, why did I find this curious? Because the chief of production's son is married to my sister!!

Would it be nepotism if I tried to ask for him to put a good word in for me? I see quite often and my mom calls his wife even more often...

Anyway, I really love their bacon and egg sandwiches! So it would rock if I worked there!

I'm not sure if it would wrong but this might be my ONLY chance to get a job!

EDIT: It appears that the job offer is old and is already taken!


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