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Battling the Backlog Week 9: Saints Row 2, Eat Lead and the Bogey Man

Saints Row 2 was SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!

I never played the first one, so I don't know how much has changed since then, but it seems you where in an explosion and needed surgery, which was the perfect excuse to be able to customize your character!

I made mine look a bit like Dorothy or that Wendy burger girl... When I got her some clothes she looked a bit like a redneck Lara Croft!

The very first thing you do is escape from jail, which was fun.... But then I found a mission where you.... spray sewerage all over building and people! AWESOME!

And then I saw a guy in a hot dog suit... I mugged him.. :B

If I must compare this game with GTA IV.... If GTA IV was a movie it should win an Oscar, but.... SW 2 is just more fun... it's SO much fun!
That and the fact that this game has checkpoints in their missions, something GTA IV should have had and once you notice it didn't have it you think they must be mad for not having them...

Stillwater city isn't as pretty as Liberty City, but it's more interesting... In this one I actually bothered to do some tourism! The museums, caverns and others aren't that pretty, but they were fun to visit at least....

And another reason why I think SW 2 is better than GTA IV is that it rewards you more often than GTA IV.... I don't think I got a single "reward" from GTA IV, at least a reward that was useful, but when I was barely at 30% of the game I had unlimited ammo for nearly everything!

And the game isn't as harsh as GTA IV, the driving is more aracdey and it didn't punish you if you weren't a pro driver, the cops don't go after you as often either...

Basically, the game doesn't take itself that serious and let's you have as much fun as you want!

You can pretend to be a cop and chainsaw a ninja! You can hang out with a porn star and get chased by vehicles from Red Faction! You fight killer mimes! You can run around naked!

But the main reason why SW 2 is better than GTA IV? WORF voices one of the bad guys! Yep, you head me, the guy who plays Lt. Worf is one of the bad guys, and boy is the badass!

The city is now overrun with 3 gangs, the Brotherhood, with "Worf" at the command, these are the hardcore brutes who have tons of tattoos, have demolition derbies and their storyline is the most brutal and instense of the three!

The Ronin are sword carrying samurai like thugs... If you've ever watched an asian cop / mafia film you will know more or less how their storyline goes, to fight some of their bosses you need to use a sword which was cool!

The Sons of Samedi and the voodoo druggies, their missions are mostly drug related, and they actually get you high in one mission where you have to fend them off while being high...

Your main lieutenants are Shaundi, the druggy who has an ex boyfriend everywhere, Pierce, who might be gay? And Gat, the badass who shoots first and asks questions later...

What else can I say? This game was AWESOME!

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is FPS that parodies games in general.

Matt Hazard's new game starts off as a generic crime fighter FPS, but when you reach the end of the level... something goes wrong! A new character comes in and apparently is here to replace you as the main hero! Fortunately somebody was watching over you and hacked the game just in time to save you!

But whoever is out to get you is hacking the game too! As you progress through the game you'll meet bad guys from his previous (and non existent) games and heroes from other games that are obvious parodies like, Mario, a wizard with Shatner's voice, Master "Chef".... You also fight a robotic Lara Croft and Joana Dark!

While not as funny as 'Splosion Man or Monkey Island, the game did make me laugh a lot, specially at the achievements, Matt Hazard  is probably the only character to say some the moment you unlock an achievement.

I'm not a big fan of cover systems, but I didn't mind it this much in this game, I don't know if other games have done it but here you can use a button so Matt dashed to the next cover you are pointing at...

So maybe the game needed more polish and sometimes the enemies are dumb and easy to kill and sometimes they spawn behind you and kill you... But it was still lots of fun! Not as fun as SW 2, but it was still pretty enjoyable!

The Bogey Man is the last of the Wallace & Gromit games from Telltale, in the previous game Miss Flit thought you were proposing to her and now you have to get out of this mess! Apparently their family hates golfers, so you must have him join a golf club!

I've already talked about most of the Telltale games, and this one isn't much different, it's a short but fun adventure game, which has puzzles that are logical and you can figure out without a guide...

I probably would have enjoyed it more if I knew anything about golf though....

This week I'm on vacation and I'll be playing...

Have you stopped vomiting and convulsing now? I've played each for a few hours and....

WOW! You guys are such pussies! THESE are horrible game to you? You obviously have never played a REAL bad game! XD

But... My 360 is acting weird.... If I get the Red Ring of Death the day my vacation starts.... Heads will roll! >:(
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