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Battling the Backlog Week 7: MANLY GAMES, more monkeying around and NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOOOOUR!

There was a sale on those silly time management games, like Diner Dash... I fell for it...

Super Marketmania:
Considering all you do is refill the aisle with food. pick up garbage and the obligatory upgrade system, it was pretty fun!

Chocolate Shop Frenzy:
This game "auto-upgrades", don't they know that people who buy these games LIKE to do the upgrading themselves? Prettier than the rest, but not as fun...

Sally's Spa:
I'll wait 5 minutes for you to laugh and mock me, before talking about the MANLIEST game ever!

Are done yet? Good....

This might be the game with the girliest theme, but it was the most fun of it's genre and it was also the most complex one, yet the most balanced one, although maybe too easy? All you have to do is keep everybody happy and if they get impatient you just give them some tea and they calm down... I didn't lose a single round...

Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition:
Need I say ANYTHING about this game? It's the EXACT same game as the original with a new skin, it was just as good as I remembered... I practically remembered every step I had to take! Although it was longer than I remembered... I guess I was enjoying myself too much?

Zombies & Me:
It's a scorefest, but it's about leading zombies into the path of falling missiles, and keeping them away from your's mom home, who has the quirkiest quotes! She makes the game worthwhile, and you'll probably try to last longer not to get a better score, but to read more of her quotes!

Flashback: It's like Prince of Persia (the original) but sci-fi, I liked the "prequel" Another World, I liked Prince of Persia, yet... I really dislike this one...

No One Lives Forver 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M's Way:
WOW! This game is AWESOME! You fight a ninja in a trailer park about to be hit by a tornado, the ninja rushes into a home, you follow her in and.... The you fight the ninja in a house... FLYING IN THE MIDDLE OF A TORNADO! How awesome is that?

Since I played the Spanish version it was badly translated and the voice acting sucked... There was a Scottish man who didn't have any accent in the Spanish version... which sucked... I think I remeber him from the first game?

The game was pretty funny, I'm pretty sure it would have funnier in English though...

Knights Onrush:
This game is rather awesome, I'm still rather new to tower defense, but apart from flicking enemies around and haging them for sacrifices, it was all about knowing when to use your fortress' s defense properly?

And... I'm gonna deal with all my N64 unplayed games... Which look terrible on a modern TV... Well, we all know there is an alternative to this, right? *wink wink* *nudge* *nudge*

Sin and Punishment:
This game is insane! The plot is as mind numbing confusing as Evangelion and it's as VERY hard... which is why I save stated! XP

The controls are kinda hard but not too bad using a PC gamepad....

Flying Dragon:
A very odd fighting game, it has two modes, one with SD chibi characters and one with more serious looking ones, some characters exist in both modes, and others like the sumo robot only exist in one... The serious looking one is more like Virtua Fighter and the SD one is more or less the same but you have items and a bit of RPG elements....

But there doesn't seem to be that much of a point to play it... You beat it, you get a generic ending... and that's about it...

Goldeneye 007:
I don't think this game has aged that well, because I can't see why everybody loved this game so much... Then again I don't think FPS were playable on console up until this generation...

Turok the Dinosaur Hunter:
Yep... FPS aren't that good on the N64... I really disliked this game... But I remember enjoying Perfect Dark though...

Hybrid Heaven:
It's like a brawler with RPG elements... Although I've never played it, I think it's kinda like Godhand, but not as hard obviously!

You basically punch mutants in the face... IN THE FUTURE! Except they are blocking always so I kick them instead! XP

Castlevania 64:
I remember people saying this game was terrible... I don't see that... It felt more like a Castlevania game than the PS2 ones! The item gathering was kinda annoying sometimes, like the bloody nitro which blows you up if you get hit while carrying it...

The music is the only part that didn't feel right...

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness:
Remember how in some Resident Evil games you play as different characters and play basically the same game with a few differences...

That's what this game felt like... The game is almost the same, there were a few new areas, but even some of the bosses are recycled...

Yet, I enjoyed more than first since it seemed to fixed the few thing that annoyed me from the previous game...

Return to Mysterious Island:
My first iPhone adventure!

I really liked the whole gathering food and item creation, it's almost like playing Survival Kids / Lost in Blue as an adventure!

What I really loved is that it's hard to screw up since there are more than one way to solve most puzzles!

Zeno Clash:

Ok, the game is beautiful and disturbingly strange... but the fighting isn't that good, since this is a fighting game, the fighting should be must more polished...

I know that in brawlers you fight the same character 50 times, but in this game it's the same character LITERALLY! If you beat a character, you will fight that character again later... and again, and again... I guess it's better to have a few very stylized and detailed character than several boring ones?

Also, what the hell is with the Rubik cube? What is it doing in this world! Is it for "lulz" or what? I know I laughed when I saw it!

Wow! I'm going to make it! Only 11 games to go until I reach 100! HUZZAH!
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