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Battling the Backlog Week 5: Damn you, Meridian4

I didn't make any progress, Oregon Trail was finally released in Spain for the iPhone, so I got it, I also tried a bunch of Meridian4 demos while the sale is going on...

You guessed it! I bought the pack! My backlog increased A LOT today!

It's a top down shooter where you get to choose between Death, Halloween and some demon... except you spend the whole game in a turret....
A simple but challenging swarm game... Not much more to say...

R.I.P.2 Strike Back:
Now you're finally out of that damn turret! HUZZAH! And you even get to ride tanks and helicopters! Which you can accidentally blow up with your shots and can be destroyed by the enemies shots before you even get time to ride them... There is one level where you must defeat a legion of tanks, you have 3 tanks and 3 copters... By the time you've gotten the first wave of tanks their fire will have destroyed most of your tanks and copters, and whatever you chose won't last the whole wave... That level was the hardest one in the whole game...


R.I.P. 3 The Last Hero:
Now you get 3 new characters, a human male, a human female and a robot! This final game of the series is the most polished and it has the biggest variety of weapons and enemies... You even get a whole bunch of levels in space riding a spaceship! It's the longest and most challenging of them all, and my favorite of the series!

Larva Mortus:
Another top down shooter where you play as a monster hunter in randomly generated levels with randomly generated tasks, it has RPG elements and as your score rises you can rise your stats, and as you progress you find new weapons and trophies that rise your score and give you a permanent bonus like extra damage to werewolves....
The levels get a bit repetitive, but the actions is non-stop, so you should get bored. One thing I should mention is that the game has spiky block traps like Zelda, but since there are generated at random they usually help you more than hinder you by killing most of the enemies as they rush towards you and get hit by the spike blocks...

Oregon Trail:
DYSENTERY! HUZZAH! I've never played the original game, but I think they made this version a lot more humorous. Frankly, I had a blast with this game, I almost ran out of food a few time and I almost didn't make it, but it was fun... But it seems impossible to win any races...
Whenever I try to, I have to stop because someone in my group gets sick so I have to stop and rest... Dammit! Stop getting mauled by bears and eaten by snakes! I've got a race to win!

I also got a few more iPhone games that where on sale... And a new game that was added to the Meridian4 pack AFTER I bought it appeared magically on my Steam game list! And... my copy of Saints Row 2 arrived... Dang...

Alpha Prime:
An indie shooter? Instead of being the obligatory space marine, you're a space prospector. Is it me or is the hero in his 50-60's? He looks kinda old... Your mission is to go to a planet where they mine a substance that give you magical bullet time powers... and drives you insane? Why are they mining it then? For some reason the hero can use it without losing his mind. When you get there you are attacked by the miners there and soon you see that the company behind the mining is sending people to wipe out the colony to keep anybody from finding out what happened... and to find a mystical item that is creating this magical substance? Considering I'm not a big fan of these games.... it was OK-ish... It could have done with more polish though....

Well, this is different, it's a puzzle with physics in it, sure physics puzzles aren't new, but they've never been used this way before.
It's a basically a "connect the same colored shapes" game, except since it's a physics puzzles the shapes have weight and weigh things down. Some levels are slow paced like making a chain combo of a specific weight, while others force you to think quick and make combos quick and efficiently to prevent them from falling off. The windmill level is a nightmare, as the name says, it's a windmill and the shape rotates slowly, you have to clear the spheres in the shape quickly, trying to leave very few behind because they will fall off when the shape spins and you can only lose a few. A fun challenge!

Vigil: Blood Bitterness:
A dark and bleak adventure, that's very stylized. It's actually black and white, with no greys, just black and white... and BLOOD!  It's a very strange adventure about a creature trying to figure out what's going, and I can't speak much of the story without spoiling it...
I can say this is and adventure game in which you can die... and you can't save... All you do is restart from the beginning of the act, it was a bit frustrating, but it would have ended too quickly without this...

I'm pretty sure I've played a game like this on Kongregate, it's basically a ball and chain game, you cut the chain so it falls into an urn, but as you progress the levels get a bit Rude Goldberg-esque...

I'd call it a top down swarm shooter, except it's not really top down and it's not that "swarmy", still, it's probably the best game in the
whole pack! The concept is pretty basic, your space colony is overrun by aliens, you must kill them! Except there is actually a story...

Shadowgrounds: Survivor:
This game takes place before the original game, but.. it's not as cool... The game does have an interesting concept where you play as different characters that join each other at the end. You have the soldier that doesn't want to give despite he thinks he's doomed, the exterminitator who has a flamethrower and... Either he has booze attached to it or he drinks fuel, either way, that's kinda cool! And finally we have the sniper girl who has snapped and claims that counting the aliens is the only thing keeping her sane, you even unlock a death counter for her in the game! In the final level you get to chose who to play as but the game isn't as polished as the first one... Your map no longer tells you where to go and you no longer have a log to tell you what to do... Since do they remove features in sequels? It's still fun though!

Space Trader: Merchant Marine:
I didn't expect me to this a merchant game at all, but this game has added bounty hunter missions which spice up the game enough to make it interesting... Too bad the bounty missions aren't that polished... It's bascially a deathmatch where you start with normal gun and bit of health and shields, fortunately the AI isn't that good and you can sometimes snipe goon from a position they can't reach and they won't shoot back, which is good since you always outnumbered and as you progress the odds are even MORE against you! The big downside of this lack of polish is that you can sometimes respawn next to the boss and you won't even have time to run away before it kills you...
The game also has a sense of humor, you'll meet a robot named XK-CD, named after the webcomic, who will ask you to kill a meanie who is killing his friends called... John Connor! And someone mentions the Dopefish! Dopefish LIVES!

Tank Universal:
I never expected me to like a tank game...
It's basically about an old man who has been diagnosed with some unnamed ailment. The doctor gives him some pills and... A VR helmet to keep his mind of his ailment.
As he puts it on, he enters a Tron-like world which is at war, and you soon join the Rebellion, the tank levels get progresivelly more complex and you eventually get to "hack" the system and gain access to weapons to destroy the walls of the enemy base, like drillers, titans and nukes... If you use the nuke you have to run like hell if you don't want the explosion to get you too, it seems to take half of the whole stage!
The walking stages are kinda slow and boring, until you reach a VR forest and meet a man who let's you...

Ride his supersonic cyber sheep while Willam Tell's Overture plays!? Ok, that was AWESOME!

Phew, I practically beat all the Meridian4 games in a week!

Penguin's Arena is basically a deathmatch game with penguin and has no ending, so I only played a game, where my AI team got killed by the AI enemy in a minute and left me alone to take on the whole enemy team...
Pacific Storm is a WWII strategy game... I don't play WII games, specially the strategy ones!
Gumboy Crazy Adventures is kinda like Gish but with powerup that change you to water or air of change your shape, I eventually reached a level I couldn't understand and up... for now!

I'm not sure I can reach my quota this month, but I'm sure gonna try! Now it's really challenging!


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