Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Battling the Backlog Week 4: Obscure adventures, Dreamcast and iPhone!


Peggle Nights:
It's Peggle with a new master and the levels are based on their dreams... Not much more I can say...

Peggle Extreme:
It's only a taster so you'll get hooked on it and get the full thing.... It ends pretty quickly, but you get voices from the TF2 guys when you perform well!


Wow! I love Magnetic Scroll's interface for text adventures, but... their parser isn't as polished as Infocom's....
Fish is a bout a fish super secret agent, who has to stop some evil fish from doing something terrible... You get teleported to different areas and transformed into either a human or a fish man. The story was pretty interesting, but it's  a shame the final area has a time so you can't explore as much as you wanted....

This is different! You've just been promoted in your job... and your boss is a corrupted jerk who is going to pin all of the shady bussines he does on you... Unless you uncover all of his shady bussiness and uncover the truth before you end up in jail!

Guild of Thieves:
Very "Zorkish", you're a thief who must steal as much as you can.. that's about it....

Sonic The Fighters:
Any game with a but smash move is coll in my book... I love using Amy's butt smash to humiliatingly defeat my enemies!

Sonic Triple Trouble:
The only Sonic game I had left that I hadn't beaten... It's pretty good for a Game Gear one, but that's about all I can say...

Operation Stealth a.k.a. James Bond: The Stealh Affair:
OH GOD! THE MUSIC! It's so bad it's making my ears bleed! Also... this is so generic and cliché.... And it has more annoying action sequences than actual adventure game... I hate this game....

Future Wars:
It has time travel, the music is less terrible and the story is actually decent, it's so much better than the "Stealth" game that I can't believe it's from the same people!

Cruise for a Corpse:
Is it me or is talking ALL YOU DO in this game? It reminds WAAAAAY to much of Laura Bow, which came BEFORE this game... It's get more exciting near the end... but it has way too much talking... 

What's this? A package for me? VMU's! HUZZAH! Now I can play with my Dreamcast again!

Dynamite Cop: Huh? I wonder why I never beat this game before? It has free play in the first mission! Still, it's pretty awesome!

Bangai-Oh: I confess... I used a cheat, but the final boss is just too much for me... I forgot how insane this game is, insane in almost all aspects! 


Rolando: I've been playing this game a bit each day... in the bathroom... It's basically LocoRoco Lite... The final level doesn't make much sense... You fight a "boss", but he can't really hurt you from the part of the level you need to reach to defeat him....

Half Life: Blue Shift: Once again, how did I not beat this before? I kept conserving my ammo for boss that never arrived.. huzzah?


Penumbra: Black Plague: I'll admit it.... this game is pretty scary and creepy near the beggining, but once I noticed that the monsters only hurt me instead of killing me... it wore off...

Resident Evil: Degeneration: Wow! This game is pretty awesome for an iPhone game! It's like RE4 Lite in an airport, you have merchants, weapon upgrading.. and slow targetting... but the zombies are slow too, so it doesn't matter... It was still a pretty awesome iPhone game!

Whoa! My backlog is now 131 and I still have a couple of days before the month ends! But...

I think I'm out of games that can be beat in a day, at least a working day... Can I get my backlog down to 100 before the next month ends? Let's find out!

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