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Battling the Backlog Week 1: I Shoot Things And Then Want To Shoot Myself


-Like I expected, I had no time to game at all.... Not only that, but I found out that Space Ace had come out for the iPhone... so I bought it... My backlog has increased by one!


Space Ace was dealt with easily and quickly... and in a poopie break...

Since I had fallen for last weeks Steam deals,I had gotten the Shooter pack and the Mumbo Jumbo pack, since the PopCap one was practically crack in game form! I started with the Shooter pack.

Alien Shooter: It's a swarm game... sometimes it seems the legions of aliens never end... It's intense! And... it has the most awesome weapon ever.... miniguns are pretty cool, and plasma or lasers are nice too, but combine them and ooooh.... Alien bits flying everywhere!
The game was super short and the ending is nearly non-existent, but I enjoyed it a lot!

Alien Shooter: Reloaded: It's basically the same game with a few new features... I couldn't resist the temptation to use a money cheat to buy the plasma minigun right from the beginning, and laughed manically while I slaughter the alien menace... <3

Alien Shooter 2: While the first game is rather simple and straight forward, this one has been refined a bit, it's more of an RPG, with perks and several increasingly powerful weapons, voice acting.... and you get to ride a tank that shoots nukes over an alien horde! <3
It still has a terrible ending though...

Zombie Shooter: It's a bit more polished than AS: R, but far from AS 2... It even has the same weapon system, so I got some Plasma Minigun action! You can upgrade it and at the maximum level and it's ridiculously powerful and fun! One of the zombies reminded me of tyrant of Resident Evil...

I can't believe I had time to beat all four of them in one day!


I thought it would be a good idea to tackle the whole bunch of "photo search" games that came with the PopCap collection... Boy did I ever make a mistake!

Mystery P.I. - The New York Fortune: This wouldn't be so bad if they didn't make you visit the same scene a babillion times and made you play crosswords and a bad Bejeweled clone... Soon I couldn't take it anymore... Fortunately, the game has the option of giving you unlimited hints, which kills your score, but ends the suffering quicker!

The game is kinda dastardly, the game sometimes asks you for something you've probably never heard off or sometimes even cheats... A SCRAPPER IS NOT A KNIFE DAMMIT!

At the end there is puzzle that is kinda OK.... but that's about it... AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS! It's the most boring thing I've played and it's WAY too long making it even more boring!

Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket: THIS ONE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE UNLIMITED HINTS! *whimpers*


Samantha Swift And the Hidden Roses of Athena: OH MY GOD.... It's another photo search game! Heaven help me!
Wait a minute! This one isn't from PopCap, it's from the competition! And... It's rather nice!
It's about a archeologist called Samantha Swift, and it's basically a photo search game "adventurized". You know have to search for items and use those to reach new areas or uncover new items.

It looks good, and it's more forgiving since it gives you a free hints by telling you the shape of what you are looking for, which is good when you don't know what the item is, but actually have to search for thunderbolts and use them to point out the exact location.

Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb: OH GOD! SHOOT ME NOW!


Mystery P.I. - The Vegas Heist: MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP! *cries*

Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure: OH GOD! Wait, this is from Mumbo Jumbo, not PopCap?
It's basically a photo search presented as a TV contest show in several countries around the world...
So you have to compete against people who are basically brain dead.... It has minigames such a trivia questions, which are much better than stupid crosswords... It ends super quickly and the contestants don't seem to get any smarter if you play again...
Anything is better compared to the PopCap/SpinTop photo search games!

Insaniquarium Deluxe: Hey! I'm finally out of photo search games! Insaniquarium is basic, keep fish fed, don't let the aliens eat them, get money from them to buy a new helper.... It's fun enough. I was already halfway through the game when I started to play it today.

And.... The Steam Sale arrive! And I got the Penumbra pack... And The Path...


Heavy Weapon Deluxe: God, this game is intense! I can't believe I beat it... Wait... I have to play it twice? *whimper*
I hate the fact that you shoot and move with the mouse, which mean you get closer to the enemy when you aim at it... Which makes it harder than it should... And the intro and ending animation kinda suck... XP

Little Farm: Why did I play this farm game? Oh yeah, I like Harvest Moon... It's a puzzle game where you have to form a square of the same four produce to get all the food in the square, except you have to spend half the game getting rid of crows, bugs and rabbits.... I only had two fields left when I started to play so it was over quick...

The Office: I never watched the show, but the game is basically Diner Dash... with a prank system? I guess the pranks are from the show...
Diner Dash is better...

Pizza Frenzy: I love this game! It called me a "Master Baker"! And you can sell people donut pizzas! XD


7 Wonders 2: A boring Bejewelled Clone

Then I tried the Luxor series, which a Zuma clone with an egyptian theme isntead of Mayan.... I hated it so I quit.... But the Mumbo Jumbo pack has FIVE Luxor games... I hated them all...

So then I tried Zuma.... I didn't like it either.... So I took them all off my backlog.... They don't caught as beaten though....

Bookworm Adventures: It's half Scrabble, half RPG... Halfway through the game I was out of healing potions and they enemies were dealing more damage than I could deal to them...

This is not a game in which you can play more and get better at, it's a game you need to memorize and encylopedia to beat.... Or use an online site that's made for this kind of thing.... My brain is incapable of find words bigger than 6 letters... I don't regret it... I'm no English Major...

I still died a few times though.... It still took me the whole afternoon to beat!

So.... My backlog is now down to 180....

This week I think I'll tackle my unbeaten old adventure games, the ones in which you can die for something you did or didn't do 15 minutes ago... You know the ones...Even with a walkthrough I may fail....

But these are much shorter, I should be able to beat at least one a day, even if it takes a few tries...

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