Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Wondering about Project Wonderful....

I was wondering if should start buying Project Wonderful ads again....

Last time I lost all the traffic I gained the moment the ads ended, which was weird, but then I only technically had a comic once a week and the rest of the week I just had animated gifs, my pixel puns....

Now I do a comic daily, so hopefully things will be different this time?

I'm just wondering how to approach this... Should I get expensive ads at big sites or spend on several small ones?

I guess a week seems logical, if you don't visit a site on at least a weekly basis, because the average viewer visits the site at least once a week?

I'm always confused by people who run ads for months... How much more readers can you get if you runs ads that long?

I'm also very annoyed by people who are too popular to have ads.... I'm looking at you LICD, you guys LIVE off your comic and have more money to invest in ads than us small fries! Give us a chance dammit!

But the big question is.... Is there a webcomic out there that has a public that should enjoy mine? My audience is too small to know what kind of audience I have so I have no idea...

Does making customs ads for the site help?

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