Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

  • 17:10 There is dead parrot-like bird in the patio right under me.... Until today I've never seen birds like this in the wild! D: #
  • 17:24 @AngryRabbit I've never seen a living thing on the patio except birds. I'm not sure if I could even call it a patio... ? #
  • 21:19 I just realized that I'll be seeing this dead bird out the window every day until it's decompossed... Ewww? D: #
  • 21:23 What is Activision thinking? Do they want the gaming community to hate them? bit.ly/cPsZN #
  • 22:30 Pun Dungeon: Canned Laughter www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2181 #
  • 23:48 @mightymur If you like insane games with ridiculously muscular men, look up Cho Aniki! #
  • 23:50 @Cyclophile The only way I could access that area is if I had a rope ladder... #
  • 00:24 I was looking up the artist who worked on the game I played today.... It was the artist of Roza! No wonder I liked it! #
  • 06:05 #followfriday Follow @theyellowbrickroad ! Follow @theyellowbrickroad ! Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow @theyellowbrickroad ! #
  • 06:07 @bluecanarykit Ouch! At least I didn't see it die! D: #
  • 06:09 Well, whaddaya know.... @theyellowbrickroad is a real username! XD #
  • 06:17 #followfriday Follow @meifyouwanttolive , follow @yourdreams and follow @thatcar ! XP #
  • 10:58 Just how many of the old Mickey toons involve a litter of kittens creating havoc? Half of them? XP #
  • 11:25 Wait.... People are UPSET over the ban on rape games in Japan? How messed up is that? DX #
  • 12:05 @Iron_Spike I guess you only go to five star hotels if you're spoiled rich or wanted to be spoiled / pampered? #

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