Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Battling the Backlog: A New Challenge!


I've been battling the backlog for a few months and I decided to make a game of the games....

At this moment I'm at 197 unbeaten games...

My goal to reach 150 before the month ends, is this possible?

That's what I want to find out! But I think it's plausible! Most of them aren't these modern games that take 20 hours to beat, but the older ones that take 2-6 hours to beat!

I won't be buying any news games this month... Unless it's another of those crazy Steam sales.... I can't seem to resist them...

What are the rules? Anything goes except level skipping, the more I respect the game, the less likely I am to "get help".

Even if the game is dreadful I will try to beat it, unless it so glitchy it's unplayable...

I don't know what to do as a reward if I manage this though...

But I could do with some help! If I've listed a game that doesn't really end or have a story mode, tell me and I'll take it off the list!

But what I really need is suggestions of short games to tackle first, I don't want any "Oh! This game is great! Try it!", instead I want "This game is pretty short! Give it a go!".

And lastly would anybody give a damn to see my progress? Actually, you could just go to my Backloggery, but would anybody care about me reporting my progress with super short reviews? Daily? Weekly?


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