Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I don't believe in casual games... or casual gamers....

I recently decided that it would be a good idea to get the PopCap Complete Collection on Steam, which lead me to think about casual games and casual gamers...

(By the way, since I'm probably the only person insane enough to buy this combo deal I should probably make a small review of all the PopCap games in that pack that people don't know about, right?)

The definition of casual gamer is illogical to start with, either you're a gamer, or you're not!

Calling someone who plays games once in a blue moon and only for a short while a gamer is like calling someone who goes to a one star restaurant once a year a gourmet!

If video games are among your favorite things, then you are a gamer, if it's not, then you're not. It's all about the passion, if you're passionate about gaming, you're a gamer! If this person who I just mentioned who almost never plays is actually passionate about gaming and wishes he had more time to play, then he would be a gamer, if this person plays games once in a blue moon because that day he had already seen every new LOLcat and had nothing better to do, then he is not!

Most "casual gamers" don't even consider themselves gamers, so why should we?

But what about casual games? Well, now that I've played a few I can say.... That there is no such thing!

People say that casual games are simple games that don't really need explaining, and it's not really that hard plus it either doesn't really end or it's super short....

So.... Why aren't old Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision and some of the earlier NES and Master System games considered "casual games"? Some of the "casual games" are actual rip-offs of old games even!

"Casual games" is something made up to say: "Hardcore games are scary! Come play with us! It's safe!"

Which is ridiculous, because all of the good "casual games" I've played seem to break at least one of the casual game rules. Sure, they all seem so easy when you start, but once you get further many of them become intense and challenging, and most of them now have a story mode that quite long for a "casual game".

What people call "casual games" are just games that have low investment to generate high profits, so... the good games are just small press games (although some are even made by big companies), while the rest is just... shovelware...

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