Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Genre Overload? I don't think it exists anymore...

I once claimed that there was something called genre overload, which is what happens to you if you play too many games of the same genre together...

I use to think if you got Genre Overload you'd end up hating the genre... Now? I'm not so sure...

I had a VERY bad case of what I claimed to be JRPG overload long ago and I couldn't get into JRPGs up until I gave Lost Odyssey a go. I was so excited that I finally enjoyed a JRPG that I tried more... but I choose unwisely and played mediocre JRPGs or those MMOPRGs on the PSP... I can never play anything that's so slow paced... I once again claimed I had a case of JRPG overload...

But then the Sega Ultimate Collection came out! I decided to play ALL of the games on the collection, and I enjoyed most of them, even Fatal Labyrinth, the rogue-like JRPG, and then I played the first "full" JRPG Shinning in the Darkness... I loved it!

I then went on a small trip and brought my PSP with Breath of Fire III with me, once again... I loved it! And while I was on the trip I got Sonic Chronicles, which I only played for a few hours, but I still thought it was good...

Then it hit me!

There is no such thing as Genre Overload! It's just that if you play too many games that are mediocre, bad or just not your style, in a row, you'll begin to dislike that genre a bit... The only cure is playing a game that's not rubbish, or a game that's good and you actually enjoy!

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