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The Revolution is in control! (Gaming rant warning)

If you're a gamer, you know you can't even go near a gaming forum without seeing a thread dedicated to the Nintendo Revolution with a "bajillion" replies...

Nintendo has finally unveiled the controller for their next gen console, the Revolution!

Most people, even me, we're shocked at first, because it looks like a remote control, but it's much, much more!

Imagine it as a laser pointer if you must, the teaser video shows you just the tip od the iceberg of what you can do with it, it's a vistual fishing rod, sword, baseball bat, tennis racket, gun, and even a cooking utensil!

And it's MODULAR! You can already plug a mini jostick for FPS games for example...

And for those who have innovation, you can plug in your Gamecube controller if you want...

The conference (nearly and hour long, but worth a lot), pointed out two very important things:

-Nintendo invented the gamepad, and most of their controller are initially mocked but later imitated...

-Only Nintendo is interested in attracting non gamers, to the game industry, while the others just make sequels and more power consoles with more buttons...

-Their latest games have brought several thousands to the gaming arena, their innovative and simple games attract the old gamers that gave up on gaming and people who wouldn't normally game. Nintendogs is living proof, outselling PSP in a record time!

All the forums are full of people saying "Nintendo is insane! Their doomed", to "What the? Who's going to make games for this system?" and finally "OMG! This rocks! Nintendo has done it again!", I must admit I went though all those phases until I saw the teaser and conference...

Hideo Kojima and the President of Square Enix are quite excited about this new controller and are already planning on games for it...

Frankly, I was getting fed up of having so many buttons on a controller, so this is quite intriguing!

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