Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

So... I got an iPhone...

And according to Murphy's Law, something even more awesome than this will come out now making it obsolete!

I guess I really needed to update my cell phone since the SIM card wouldn't work with the iPhone because it was too old!

The first thing that bothers me about it is that it seems to lose it's signal strength too easily? My old cell phone worked at work, but the moment I step into the shop with the iPhone it loses the signal.... Great...

And the apps behave oddly, iTunes will tell me I don't have the authority to use them, or maybe they'll close after I open them... And it seems I have to download a new app to fix it each time? That's kinda annoying....

But I must admit, it's bloody useful!

I once mentioend that I use music with nature sounds to help me sleep, right? Well I found an free app that plays nature sounds! HUZZAH!

I've yet to try the maps application, but even if I can't get a signal I can still look at the map and I won't have to print them the next time I go on a trip!

I tried a voice to text app... unfortunately it didn't work... and I don't like the sound of my voice (If I didn't I would have started a podcast by now!) so something that just records my voice won't work either...

And it's a camera too! So it replaces THREE of the things I always bring on a trip!

And.. of course, I tried out some games!

I still don't know what to think of the iPhone as a gaming plataform... It's kinda like the first DS games, they seem neat and innovative, but they don't work that well... And since they are mobile games, they seem way too short! Katamari seems to have only FIVE levels!

But like I said, I just got it... and I only played with it a little... I haven't even called anybody with it yet! XP

Anyway... Does anybody know any cool apps or games I should try? XP
Tags: iphone

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