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Would I be a jerk if...

Would I be a jerk if I started "ratting on" every Ebay auction that was of something illegal?

Most DVDs on Ebay are Divx rips, and simply saying that there are in that format is a dead giveaway...

Most of the PC games are illegal too, I remember when I bid on an old games and found out later that it was an illegal copy, before paying for it of course, and the seller simpy told me that for such a "low" price there was no way it could be legal...

Yeah, right, I've gotten REAL games for a buck, buddy...

Spain has a real piracy problem, it's out of control, everybody, and I do mean everybody I know downloads nearly everyhting from the net, but when I see people SELLING this kind of stuff, it really makes me mad!

I put up some of my anime DVDs for auction yesterday and did a search to know their value, and I only found Divx rips...

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