Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

London Trip Journal: British Musuem... And shopping!

When I woke up I saw.... HORSIES!

They went on for a while! I don't know where they were heading or why there were here, but it was a good way to start the day!

On my way to the tube station I took some photos of the beautiful houses in the area!

I went to the British Museum, although I was there last year, I wanted to see it when it was less crowded and I wanted to see if anything had changed....

I... mumbled the Konami code in front of this Moai head.... each time I passed by... If you're a Konami geek, you'll get it!

Apparently, crystal skulls are real? Does this mean the last Indy movie actually did some research?

Since I was here last year, I had already seen all the pots and statues.... So I didn't take many more photos until I reached the areas where I couldn't barely walk last year... The mummies... which WERE STILL SUPER CROWDED!

Now this is the kind of stuff I want to see in a museum!

I almost couldn't find the bloddy Rosetta stone, the crowd is so big the you won't see it unless you know it's there!

I then went to Gosh! Comics and Forbidden Planet, but I only picked up comics I couldn't get online at home, or comics I didn't know about that I would forget if I didn't pick up...

Can you spot the webcomics in print here?

I then went back to the pub to leave the comic and go to Camden Town.... Oddly enough the Barry Trotter (A Harry Potter parody) was up in my iPod during the whole day... It was 6 hours long, and I listened to the whole thing.... I guess I walked a lot? XP

I walked through a park to get to Camden Town... It had a great view!

And then... it happened... I found a bakery shop that... that sold....


I bought one.... I don't when was the last time I had a REAL cupcake, but it was GLORIOUS! I could practically hear the angels playing trumpets while I ate it!.... I wish I had taken a photo....

Unfortunately I couldn't find what I was looking for in Camden Town, the market area had millions of tiny stores and people... I just couldn't find the tea shop....

So I went to a game store to sell a few game I got from the UK, but I couldn't find that many good game in my budget.... I got Sonic Chronicles...

I made it to the cinema just in time to watch the Watchmen... It was as awesome as I expected but.... My did they change the ending? Where is the squid brain thingie? D:

Since it was my final night... and I got back to late to find any good sammich shops open, I ate at the pub... and ordered some English cuisine Bangers & Mash! It's just sausages and mashed potatoes, but it was yummy! I also had some sort of pudding dessert which was SUPER yummy!

Which reminds me, I actually managed to find a McDonalds and tried a McFlurry with Cadburry Creme Eggs, the chocolate kinda stale and it wasn't worth it.... The hot cross bun I had the other day was!

So... to sum it up... I think this was the best and most succesful trip to the UK yet!

I have no idea what to do next year though... Is there any place I haven't visited yet? Oh well, I have a whole year to plan! 

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