Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

London Trip Journal: UK THING!!!1!111!

I made a few perler presents for the UK Thing...

The last thing is a... Luftwaffle... For Kate Beaton... I didn't know what else to make for her... XP

Half of the London Tube system was under maintenance! It took AGES to get there! D:

eggstorm of Anders Loves Maria liked her present!

John Allison loved his Shelley! Although it sucks to take photos there and he didn't look too happy by the time I got the photo right...

rstevens of Diesel Sweeties loved his Red Robot! <3

granulac of Octopus Pie liked her Hanna! <3

lizgreenfield of Stuff Sucks loved her mini her! Which one is cuter? It's hard to tell! X3

I don't know if beatonna of Hark, A Vagrant liked her Luftwaffle... XP

Then I met the usuals....

Jenika and her cute little gravemarker! <3

chamonkee had some AWESOME posters!

ztoical had her latest anthology! Oooh... anthology... X3

Jon had a cool banner! :3

Then I got Zeus Juice from ryclaude

Mallory had cat ears! XD

tozocomic & jabberworks! I finally got to meet Sarah Mcintyre! HUZZAH! X3

By the time I got to eruditebaboon he was out of minicomics.... T_T

This guy had more pins that me... Well he WORE more pins than me... I have tons at home! XP

I met Lizz at the last UK thing but only pick up one mini comic since I saw her at the last minute... She has the cutest comics! <3
She had a pack of them in a sushi box!

cleanskies, didn't have anymore cute tea comics or blue hair, but she had many comics... Hmm... comics.... <3

So.... I didn't have time for the events, but it was a blast! I made it in time to say goodbye to everyone just in case I didn't meet anybody at the pub later.... I also met </a></b></a>firedaemon again! HUZZAH!

The hug count was much bigger than last year too! >///w///<

There were lots of people selling craftsworks this year, I even got a few fimo figures from Moogs Kewell!

I love the octopus! <3


The oddest and cutest? A comic about a wrestler and a witch who hunt aliens, a fuzzy comic from Sally Anne-Hickman and the Sushi pack from Lizz

And... I still have Sunday! XP</lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj></lj>
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