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London Trip Journal: Sherlock Holmes Musuem and Madame Tussauds

I went back to the pub and charged my camera while I decided what to do next....

The next stop was the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street!

It was right next to Subway.... I had a Chicken Teriyaki sammich.... It was DELICIOUS! Oooooooh...... <3

For a moment I thought the place was a sham since I only saw a store filled with merch... But it was just a place to buy tickets to the real musuem! It also had the cutest and weirdest teapots!

At the entrance you get greeted by a bobby!

Inside I found a beautiful Victorian home filled with relics from Holmes adventures.... and a Watson! He seemed nice enough... except when he picked at his ear when he thought nobody was looking! XP

You can go to the photostream to see the whole thing, but this will give you a good idea of how it looks!

I had recently listened to an audiobook with the first volume of Sherlock's adventures, so I actually recognized some of the relics!

Then I went to Madame Tussaud's.... And a LOOOOONG time in line.... That place was insane! It had a HUGE line for groups, a line for preordered tickets and a line for the rest.... I probably spent at least 40 minutes in line....

I didn't take many photos since my battery was only charged a little and I'm a big fan of wax figures of celebrities....

People went wild about taking pictures of themselves with wax celebs.... I only recognized one....

But then we reached the historical celebrities! And people lost interest... Wanna guess who was the most popular one?

And this guy.... The rest where mostly ignored...

Nobody was "Wilde" about the rest of them...

I wasn't allowed to take photos of the next two areas...

And it also had a horror tunnel.... In which all the girls had to go even though they really didn't want to.... The got scared of everything!

I must admit, it's MUCH better then the New York one!

Right at the beginning I saw a zombie guy and shook my head, walked in and.... The zombie was nowhere to be seen! I must admit, the first area is great! It's filled with shadows perfect for the zombie to hide in!  While he didn't scare me... I did give him a thumbs up!

The rest was so-so... it was full of loud noises to startle you, there a zombie in the middle I barely noticed and near the end...

The zombie was talking to some chicks... was he hitting on them? I don't know, but I only knew he WAS a zombie when he stopped and growled at me... XP

And then it had a ride called the Spirit of London, which talked about London in the Victorian era, in which you rode in a typical London cab-like thing. The audio was hard to hear, but the thing was pretty nice and it ended with... Queen Victoria in a steampunk contraption wearing googles! XD

Guess who was at the gift shop?

I pity the fo who don't buy any merch!

And of course Benny Hill was there to say bye bye!

My batteries lasted enough to take all the photos I wanted! HUZZAH!

But by the time I left at the other places were closing so I couldn't visit anything else...

When I got back to the punb I went to the Deli again and got a falafel wrap... I hated it... which was weird since I liked the real deal I had in New York! 

The cinema was opened that night so all I could do was play games until the music stopped playing so I could go to bed....


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