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London Trip Journal: ZOO! UNICORN FISHY!

I'm only posting pics the highlights of the trip... I'll post a link to the whole photostream near the end if you want more...

The place I stayed at was a pub called the New Inn next to Regent's Park, the area had lots of beautiful houses... I'll post some photos later... They are at the end of the batch... XP

Since I got there so late and tired I just stayed there, I could have gone to a movie but the only movie I wanted to see was Watchmen... A three hour movie... I felt lightheaded, so I just rested.

I was lucky enough to be next to a deli, so dinner was no problem...

And then I found out the ONLY downside of the New Inn is that it has music playing in the pub, the good side is that it end at 23:00-23:30...

The next day I headed to the ZOOOOOOOO!

I saw an adorable little girl in a dalmation suit in line, but by the time I took out my camera the line started to move and I couldn't find her again...

There were LOTS of kids at the zoo, but not so many that it would ruin your day there... My first stop was the Aquarium! FISHIES! HUZZAH!

This little fishy had a blue circle around it's eyes, I found it adorable!

I then saw a Clownfish like in Nemo... I pointed it to the group of kids... they went WILD! I don't know if it was an evil thing to do or not...

Then I saw an... UNICORN FISH!!!1!1

I took a ton more of photos and spent almost a whole hour at the Aquarium alone!

When I left I made it just in time to see the giraffes being fed! 


The Suricats seems to love to pose for photos? Or maybe I'm just lucky?

I got to the otters just in time before the went inside!

The aviary was nearly empty, it seems nobody noticed it was there.... I managed to get so close to an Ibis I could almost touch it!

You can't have a trip to the zoo without... PENGUINS! <3

They had a hot house filled with butterflies.... AND MOTHRA!

The lions and tigers were asleep... :(


Oddly enough they had a sort of playground in the middle next to the gift shop.... And yes, I bought some plushies!

A little later the camera battery started to die....

It finally died at the Australian zone right before I could take a photo of the kangaroos! D:

I did take one of an emu though!

The whole photostream is here!

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