Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

  • 15:26 The photos I took in London are ordered in a weird way, for a second I thought I actually didn't take them! I should upload them soon? #
  • 16:09 The photos from the UK Thing are kinda weird, in some places it's nearly impossible to take a good photo in others I got it easily... #
  • 16:10 Some people look like either they are tired of waiting for me to take a decent photo... or just tired... ^_^; #
  • 16:14 @Southworth Yep! Some DS games even have some sort of connectivity with GBA games! #
  • 17:21 It took me an whole hour to upload just the zoo photos? Yikes! I hope I get them all ready by today! D: #
  • 18:11 Should I make one giant post with most of the photos, or one for each place I visited? #
  • 20:41 @verabee Lucky you... We don't even have cupcakes in my country! T_T #
  • 20:48 @verabee The reason we don't have cupcakes over here is because we don't have frosting... I guess I could find a recipe for that? #
  • 21:14 @blackunicorn At least you can eat them whenever you want! XD #
  • 21:45 @blackunicorn I could give a list of many things Spain doesn't have that would shock you... but that would just depress me... T_T #
  • 21:49 A Twitter spammer just offered me, a Spaniard, a villa in Mallorca... It's like offering a cup of coffee to a barista! #
  • 23:04 London Trip 2009 #1 www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2024 #
  • 23:23 @jochan1977 Yep, that sounds pretty similar... Spammers should really do a little homework before spamming... #
  • 23:25 A tiny teapot I got in London! I don't dare use it though... tinyurl.com/db6uao #
  • 23:26 @studiojfish Which podcast? :3 #
  • 23:40 @dresdencodak @poisonrational HUZZAH! Good luck with that! <3 #
  • 05:53 *checks date* .... Oh... right... Today is April Fools.... XP #
  • 06:05 I wonder how many comics will prank us today? #
  • 06:28 @danihana Don't you mean it's "COMIC'S OVER!" Day? #
  • 06:38 I'm deleting the Modern Manners podcasts... He never tells me anything that isn't obvious... #
  • 06:41 Today is possibly the worst day to have anything serious happen to you... nobody will believe you! #
  • 10:09 @trialoffer EEP! I have it too! D: #
  • 10:14 YouTube is playing upside down.. HURR HURR! SO FUNNY! ¬_¬ #
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