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WHOA! What a coincidence!

Jinkies! I've made quite a bit selling comics and what do yoy know, I do a little Ebay search and found an auction in Spain for a Sega Mega CD 32X!

And I've made just enough to big for it and possibly win!

And it comes with several games I've always wanted! Time Gal and Snatcher!

It will ruin my budget, my gaming budget that is, but I'll still be able to afford Nintendogs, and this is something I want more than those games... :P

This is the biggest auction I'm going to bid on since the ID Anthology!

Wish me luck! I'll need it!

EDIT: Hmm, there have been several bids since this post, but I think the bidders have reached their limit, I might just win after all!
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