Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Banners and buffer.... also INVENTORY!

I spent a while adding banners of some of my favorite comics to my "Links & banners" section...

Man, most of you neglect this part the most!

Some sites have banners that are old and you can see the characters or style has changed...

Some have banners for other sites, but none for their own...

Oddly enough some have banners for sites I couldn't find banners for!

I know some of them have Project Wonderful banner ads , but they don't have them on their sites.... And I didn't save the banners thinking they would... and now none of the sites is running them anymore....

Would it be OK if I tried to make my own?

In some sites I could just use the header!

I don't know if I have to make some comics as a buffer for the UK Thing weekend or not yet, because I set the deadline two days before I leave... I guess I could make the buffer after the deadline.... Besides, I already have a few so I won't have to make that many strips...

Last year I just made puns so it was much easier to make a buffer.... XP

You have a suitcase it contains:
-A sports bag (to carry the stuff I buy while I'm there)
-Clothes (Do I need a sweeter? How cold is it in London now?)
-Vitamin C gumdrops (Keeps the plague monkey away!)
-Wet toilet wipes (Ditto)
-Camera (Strike a pose)
-Trip Insurance
-DS (For surfing the web)
-PSP (For gaming on the plane)
-That secret thing (If you follow me on Twitter you might know what it is)
-Medicine (If case I actually DO get the plague)
-Lots of printed Google Maps (I so wish I had an iPhone so I wouldn't need this)
-Hotel reservation and plane ticket receipt

Am I forgetting something? :|

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