Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 20:47 Does anybody remember a show that was a parody of hospital drama? Possibly from the 80's? I think it was a British comedy? #
  • 20:52 @thegreenavenger If you can Twitter, you're not tired enough! XP #
  • 22:04 @christianaellis How soon before Luna grows enough to go on a rampage and trash Tokyo? X3 #
  • 22:14 Pun Dungeon: Gone Chopin, Bach in a Minuet www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=1930 #
  • 23:05 Hmm, it's seems that apart for the shower door exploding and the toothbrush incident, nothing else bad has happened today! HUZZAH! #
  • 23:39 Please don't compare my comic to a sprite comic... I don't "borrow" ideas and artwork from videogames... That hurts, man! T_T #
  • 23:42 Ironically, the person who said this meant this as a compliment... :| #
  • 23:57 @geekbot They borrow other people's art, characters, worlds and plots and involve minimal effort, pixel comics don't. #
  • 00:03 @geekbot You can't make sprites if they weren't used in a videogame it would still be pixel art. Sprites are pixel art, just somebody else's #
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