Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

UK Thing: I need sammiches! D:

As the UK Thing approaches, I've been making marks on my Google Map of places to visit and such, but I noticed that... I don't have that many places to eat listed! D:

I found places that sell sushi and other oriental food, but I want my sammiches too!

It may sound silly but I don't remember what you call a sandwich shop, or any brand name, I do know that the McDonalds in the UK have sammiches and since I hear they'll have Cadburry Egg Flurries, I know at least once place to eat... But I want a bit more variety....

I discovered a Deli that was close just to find out that only US Deli's sell sammiches... T_T

I do remember a placed called Eat which was awesome, but... you can imagine that Googling for it won't be easy... :(

So if you know any sammich places in London... preferably near Regent's Park or just brand names that would help!

Mmm... sammiches!
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