Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Darkened Skye: And odd an unkonwn product placement game

Back in the GameCube era, I once saw a game with cover made by Joe Madureira, it caught my attention, but the back cover didn't tell almost anything about the game.... I bought it anyway...

Notice that I called it a product placement game? Can you tell of what? That's the oddity of the game, it's promoting some that doesn't appear on the cover and the title gives no hint of the product either!

So it's the only product placement game that doesn't say outright that it's one, which must be the first and only case I know of!

Once you play the game and see the intro you find out what the product is... Skittles! Yep, Skittles are the source of magic in this world, and the evil Necroth has taken all of them to be the only magical being in the land!

But Skye, our hero, finds one while searching for an animal that has strayed from her herd. The moment she touches it she meet Draak, the obligatory comic relief who makes the snappy remarks...  And soon you're on a quest to restore the rainbow with a magic amulet that takes you through all the land!

The story is kinda quirky, it's swings between cliche fantasy and making fun of games in general, but without actually parodying anything. You get the obligatory mysterious boy that Skye doesn't know if she can trust but she obviously is in love with, the sarcastic minion... It was enough to keep me going when it was serious and when it was funny it made me smile or giggle...

The gameplay is rather simple, you have a spell book and each spell needs a certain number of Skittles to be used, each spell has it's own magic bar that regenerates and since there is a very limited number of Skittles you have to choose where to assign them wisely. You can unassign them if you want.

The first new area you arrive to after the introduction area is a swamp... full of lily pads that sink when you jump on them and the hardest level plataforming wise, after this level the difficulty is all in the combat.

The game always seems to up the ante, and you always seem to face a multitude of enemies that have better aim than you and you are almost always outnumbered, thankfully your health regenerates slowly... If you can find a spot where you are actually safe...

The game lets you save whenever you want which is a godsend since you never know what's around the corner!

I'd say the game is pretty challenging, you have to find the right spell or combination of spells to defeat the enemies and try to kill them before they kill you...

Graphically... It's not that great... sometimes it looks like a N64 game...

I despise numerical scoring, I'd say it's simply... good! You won't regret it if you miss it, it won't blow you away... But it will be mostly enjoyable except for the times you'll struggle to survive...

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