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I need to get me some gamer... "bling bling"?

I've been wearing this "Devil May Cry" pendant for over 4 years, it's some sort of demonic sword made out of some cheap metal, and it hangs from a rubber-like cord...

After 3 years the cord broke, and I had to replace it, the new cord breaks every few months and I need to replace it or repair it...

With people keep telling me what a nice Lord of the Rings pendant I have, and me having to spend some money each few months to repair or replace it, I'm thiking of simply getting a new one, as fond of it as I am, it's more trouble that it's worth...

I have no idea of where you can get this kind of stuff, but if there are sites that can make you a reproduction of the Master Sword, surely they'l be one that can make a Triforce pendant right?

I'm not fond of gold or silver actually, I just want something with a chain instead of a rubber cord, although a golden Triforce would rock!

I just know there has to be place that makes these kind of things!

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