Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

The fickleness of fictional characters...

I get annoyed when people call Poison from Final Fight a transsexual, why? Because someone thought it was wrong to hit women, so they gave her a penis.... And yet Roxy who was in the game remained unchanged... It seems she was probably female in Final Fight Revenge and now her gender depends on where you live, the day of the week and what you had for breakfast....

Which made me realize something terrribly depressing, no matter how popular a character is, their creators can mess with it's past, future, gender, personality or even their favorite flavor of ice cream!

Think about it! Mario used to be an Italian plumber from Brooklyn, but now... he was born in the Mushroom Kingdom... and yet still has an accent from a place he's never been to...

The Koopa Kids? What Koopa Kids? Bowser only has ONE son, right?

Sonic is from Mobius, right? Or is it Earth? Or a planet that's kinda like Earth?

We all know who is Mario's true love, right? Pauli... I mean Princess Toadstoo... Peach?

You get the idea by now, right? A fictional character (videogame one or not), can be changed, deleted from history, get a personality change.... you name it!

Why does this happen? I can only guess, but I'm pretty sure that in retro games the reason is that we didn't really care that much about plots back then, the plot of a retro game can fit in a Twitter post easily, "OOH! A BAD GUY! KILL IT! Also, rescue the princess..."

As time passes people start demanding a better plot, which forces people to create a mythos over something that didn't really have one, which creates these changes in the game world to make them easier to explain, or simply to introduce new elements into the gameplay.

Sometimes someone new takes control on the franchise, and changes the world to fit their world view and ideas for the game.

And sometimes the world changes because us fans demand it.

So... Believe whatever you want about a game character, what today might be true can become a lie tomorrow... Or both!

Still, it's rather depressing to know that they can change, kill or delete from history a character just like that...
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