Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Guest strip guidelines?

I just realized how vague I was about the guest strip requests....

The deadline will be the 24th of March, I might accept strips after that, but no later than the 26th!

I can be drawn, digital, a photo comic, pixels, just don't take a strip of mine and mad lib it.... So you could basically just take a photo of some food and add some eyes if you wanted to!

It can be about any character, not only the Kitchen Kaos ones.

500 pixels is the recommended width of the strip, I will accept bigger ones, though!

Cameos and interactions with your characters is allowed, just don't have a strip of your characters with one of my characters in the background.

Content-wise? Frankly, I don't really know if the readers would frown upon nudity or gore.... So... Don't make it cringe-worthy and don't show too much skin? I only have one humanoid character anyway... XP

Fanart will be accepted too, but it will likely to be posted in the news post of the site and not be part of the archive...

Am I forgetting anything?

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