Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Pixel Pun: Evolution? I could do with some feedback

Lately I've been thinking that maybe it's time for my pixel puns to "evolve", and I don't mean making them bigger, but making comics with them...

I wanted to do it shortly after starting with them, but not only was I not ready, someone suggested that I shouldn't...

But one day I thought it would be neat if I made a game with all my puns, and thought of a character to be the protagonist. The I realized that I liked this character too much and it deserved to be in a comic, it sounds ridiculous to have a comic about puns and puns seperately, so why not simply make pixel pun comics instead of pixel puns?

It would be about a bunch of imps that would be the "Keepers of the Komedy" focusing mainly on the keeper of the puns...

The only thing that would change is that you'd get your puns in a comic form.... But on Mondays and Tuesdays I have lots of real work.... I have no idea if I could make a full comic on those days.... Worst case scenario I'd be able to do half on Monday and finish it on Tuesday?

It could be either a gag a day, or even a storyline if necessary? Many of my older puns would work pretty good together in a storyline!

You'd still get Kitchen Kaos on Sundays, fanart or something random on Saturday and short stories every once in a while, you'd basically get more comics out of the deal!

-Would it be a big deal?
-What about the old puns? Would it be too cheap to make a strips for each of them?

Since I do puns I'm always paranoid that I might unintentionally ripoff Silent Kimbly, but dammit, just because it's a popular pun comic doesn't mean nobody can make pun comics, right? And mine won't even be silent or one panelled either! Although it will have a cute girl protagonist... it was going to be male, but once I thought of her as a female, I couldn't go back! XP

I think I'm probably going to do it, unless everybody tells me not to, and give me good reasons...

But seriously guys, I could do with some feedback!

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