Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 14:25 I thought my monitor had died for a second... That was pretty scary! D: #
  • 15:52 Oh Internet, you're such a wacky funster! <3 #
  • 17:30 @gwarek Wow, that game looks awesomely hilarious! #
  • 17:43 Good lord! So much indie game awesomeness! Good thing they tend to be short! AND FREE! Or at least very cheap! XP #
  • 17:51 Slacker Cats is pretty fun, not awesome, but pretty fun! :3 #
  • 18:41 Oh my God! Oh my God! DoDonpachi is coming to the 360! Please don't let it be Japan only! D: #
  • 19:31 Why do people say "I bring home the bacon", when it should be "I bring home the money that's paying for the bacon"? #
  • 20:41 I accidentally sucked on a pill thinking it was a mint.... XP #
  • 22:00 Pixel Pun 379: Scram-bulled Eggs www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=1800 #
  • 22:25 @trialoffer >///w///<
    *hugs back* <3 #
  • 22:34 I didn't know that you could block spam followers when they follow you, but apparently I don't have that many spam followers to start with? #
  • 22:36 @trialoffer I only deleted the obvious ones, there is no way I'm checking all of my followers to make sure they are not spammers... ^_^; #
  • 22:40 Man, my "Webcomics I should read" folder is getting pretty big... I only have time to read the new ones I discover if the archive is small.. #
  • 23:09 Achievement Unlocked! tinyurl.com/4ovhtm #
  • 23:24 @LegendaryGaymer Some of the newer ones are pretty great, you don't know what your missing! :3 #
  • 23:27 @Southworth I think I got the same spammer a few moments ago, different username, but the same URL... XP #
  • 00:39 @trialoffer Man.... that's soo lame! I know you have to work to get pageviews, but that's... just wrong! Just be friendly and honest, man! #
  • 00:43 ACK! What am I doing still awake!? I have to wake up in less than five hours! My brains needs sleepies! Good night, Internet! <3 #
  • 06:31 @bluecanarykit Was the damage bad? D: #
  • 06:56 @kinokofry This is the Internet, if you hang around enough, you get used to these things.... Goosh Goosh just made me giggle... XP #
  • 10:11 Mmm... Pakinstani tea and milk buns! <3 #
  • 10:17 @trialoffer It is! >///w///< #
  • 10:22 @trialoffer Sorry... D: #
  • 10:36 @trialoffer YES! Get some yummy nom noms of awesomeness! And tea! <3 #
  • 10:47 @choadmalma That is simply awesome! <3 #
  • 11:02 Huh? Kanye West is a male rapper? With a name like that, I expected a female country singer... ¬_¬U #
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