Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Lotsa indie awesomenss!

I haven't reviewed any of the indie games I've played lately, so I'll make some mini reviews now!

Crayon Physics Deluxe(PC 19.99$):
The name pretty much says it all, you must draw things to get an apple to a star. You can create anything too complex, pulleys, weights, levers and such. The game gets more complex as you progress, but you can use "brute force" and you can find your own method to get to the star which will probably work through the whole game....

My only real complaint is that I wish you could play in real children's drawing, that would have been nice! But overall, it's very good!

Gravity Bone (PC Free):
It's a very stylized and short game where you play as a secret agent, it's fun, wacky and hard to explain.... Just try it yourself!

The Maw (360 800 Microsoft Points):
Imagine a combination of Shark! Shark!, A Boy and His Blob and Katamari Damacy, that's The Maw! You are Frank, a young alien that's been captured by other bigger, badder alien and you're trapped in their ship with the Maw, the ship crashes, and you find a leash for your new friend...

Who starts to everything in it's path! It's a bit of a puzzle game because something you'll have to do things to the other animals before Maw can eat them, if he eats a certain creature he will gain it's abilities!

It's short, but it's ever so full of goodness! <3

Action Doom 2: Urban Brawler (PC Free, but has a 9.99$ version with extras):

A fanmade prequel to the orignal Doom, you're the hero before doing anything heroic! Your wife is dead and you only have your daughter... who has just been kidnapped!

Like the name of the game says, it's an brawler game in the Doom engine, so imagine playing Streets of Rage mixed with Doom and you'll get an idea of how the game is!

And like a brawler, you'll be using your firsts or anything laying around to fight, pipes, knives, even tasers!

The most noteworthy thing about this game is it's has many branching paths and endings, despite it's shortness, which means you play again and again to get a slightly different game!

Spelunky (PC Free):
If you play indie games, you probably know Derek Yu, well... this is latest game! It's still version 0.99, so it's bascially a beta, but a very fun one!

A rogue like game with randomly generated dungeouns in which you must try to get as much gold and as far as you can before you die...

Aparently the game actually ends, but I've yet to beat it.... Since it's not officially released yet, there isn't a manual and I still don't know what half the things in the game do, but it's still a blast! And your experience will be unique compared to other gamers!

The game is deviously evil and is set to kill you, but you'll love every moment!

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