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Killing three birds with one stone, and one miss... Not bad..

Actually it's four "birds", but who's counting?

I had several things to do, which happened to be in the same route, but some things didn't work out as expected...

I had to exchaged a faulty ink cartridge, but the store didn't have them in supply yet, damn, each time I go they tell me they'll have them next week...

Then I went to pick up the diploma of my PC repair and mantainment course, which was quick and easy since I had just called them, and had nearly everything ready...

Then I went to a store that buys and sells used DVDs games, but I forgot it open later that other shops so I had to go home and return later to sell some of my anime DVDs, even though they payed me more or less the price I was going to put them on Ebay, I did feel a bit weird selling them...

I forgot to ask to get paid in cash and not in credit, so I had to buy some more movies, which was good since I found a couple of movies I really wanted. They had Spiderman 2 Collector's Edition in MINT condition! Who ever sold it didn't even bother to open it!

They also had Spaceballs! Sweet! Unfortunately they no longer had the Pink Panther Cartoon Collection they had the last time I went there, but I did leave feeling weird yet content...

Unforntunately the candy store I went to on the way back was closed I couldn't buy my licorice! KHAAAAAAANNNN!!! :P
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