Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Resolutions, plans and all that rot for 2009...

Yeah, yeah, I know it's the 8th of January, but I can still make resolutions if I want to! Or is it plans? I dunno... XP

-I should definitely work more on my site and try to get more traffic... or any traffic at all! An ox cart every full moon isn't what I'd call traffic...
-Get a better site stats thingamabob... Any suggestions?
-I plan on doing more short stories and one page silliness...
-I should really make a cast page, but... what about short stories? Should I add the characters from them too?
-I should start doing more fanart and probably not only for webcomics?
-I'll probably make a small game on Game Maker, or maybe give Adventure Game Studio a go? I might also "acquire" Flash to make flash games so Mac users can play them, but... Flash is probably much harder to make games for... Who knows, maybe people will actually play the game this time! 
-I want to make an actual animation, not a simple animated gif, but a short with sound and everything? This is the one I'll most likely goof off and end up not doing... XP

The only convention I can afford to go to this year is the UK thing, and I can't even guarantee that...
I'm not buying a table, because I don't think I have enough material or popularity.... or cash to afford it? But I might print something and hand it out to friends and stuff?

As for geeky and gamer resolutions....
-Join a more or less big gaming community in hopes of finding people with a similar taste as mine and finally get to have some online play... That isn't Animal Crossing.... As much as I love it, it's not well... intense?
-Try to beat my unplayed games. I doubt I'll beat all of them, but I hope I'll at least play some of the more interesting ones?

Let's not forget the obligatory yearly promise everybody does to become more fit! XP
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