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So... lonely?

Loneliness Quotient: 61%

Your Personalized Assessment Report:

Because your LQ is above 50, it is clear there is significant loneliness in your life. On the bright side, there are things you can do to reduce your LQ. We will take a look at some specific areas where loneliness may stem from. One spot of weakness is your friend situation. Difficulties in this area are having an impact on your loneliness, and this is something that needs improvement. Luckily in your case, your family situation is not causing you any troubles. A positive family situation is definitely helpful. Things look much more bleak in your romantic life. Making improvements here by finding a good girl can drastically cut your level of loneliness. In order to find true love and friendships you must learn to defeat your shyness and increase your interactions with people. Compounding the shyness problem is the lack of people in your area who you can get along with. It's difficult, but you must look that much harder to find people to interact with. You definitely don't have any major insecurity issues holding you back, so your pursuit of elimating loneliness will not be held back by this potential pitfall.

Take the Loneliness Quotient Test at Dating Diversions

They also tell me what to do to reduce my loneliness...

[sarcasm]Apparently all I have to do is find true love and overcome my shyness....
Gee Wiz! That's all? If I had know it was so easy I would have done this years ago![/sarcasm]

Seriously, I'm very shy in real life, do they expect to just hit the town and pick up chicks and make friends, just like that? ¬_¬
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