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I guess this is how my weekends will be from now on...

My parents only visit the chalet to take care of the garden, so I guess I'll be alone for the weekend again....

I just realized this not only means no privacy, but also that I'll never cook again! My mother will cook for me until I move out, and probably after that too... CURSES!!!!

They did go for a movie yesterday and they arrived so late, I was actually worried! But at least I had the house to myself and cooked my own dinner!

Today we all went to the mall, where I got me some GBA and N-Gage games, and we headed to the mall, while my parents ate some donner kebab I hit the arcade, and for once played a game there! I usually don't like the games there since they are always dancing or shooting games...

They had what was probably a M.A.M.E. machine where I played a game called Demon World, where I got creamed, but I had fun, I had forgotten that arcade usually max the difficulty to get more coins...

And I saw another crane machine with Sonic plushies, I know that when the machine has only a few dolls on top of styrofoam pellets it mean it's VERY rigged! Yet I mananged to get the Knuckles plushie!

Then we saw The Fantastic Four and it was quite a good movie, and this time instead of eating cardboard popcorn I decided to get ice cream! Lucky for me they had a 2 X 1 special! Yes! Tastier AND cheaper than popcorn, but you have to eat it quick before it melts...

And now...

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Way to go!

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Not bad considering all the typos I make while chatting... :P
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