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This isn't funny anymore!

Ever since I got my cell phone stolen I've been getting weird phone calls, first the mysterious and uber annoying 2 A.M. private number call, and today was just too much for me!

First I got a phone number from a guy who, either didn't speak Spanish, OR Enlgish, and said he was Rumanian, either he's a friend of who ever stole the cell phone who noticed the phone wasn't in the hands of who he thought it would be and made a loust excuse, or the thief is Rumanian and gave the number to a friend or family member in Rumania, but I think he was faking it....

He call and and hanged up after one ring tone several times more, which was fine by me since I was going to anwser, and then...

Just when I thought it was over, I got a call from a private number, since it was already after 9:00 it could actually be a call for job! I quickly grabbed my cell phone and nothing... I spoke in English in case it would help, but I didn't hear a word! I hung up quite pissed off!

Then I got the call again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN! Up to TEN times at least! I started rejecting the calls, but they redialed almost instantly!

I called the phone company, which was pretty hard since that bleedin' private number kept interrupting me, and they assured me that my phone had been disconnected succesfully and who ever has my phone can use my number any more, but he probably made a few calls and gave the number before it was disconnected, since the number was private, it couldn't be blocked, they said my only option was to call the police who could investigate the private number....

I hung up and, guess what? Good Ol' Private Number called me again! I answered this time and told them I would call the police if they ever called me again, and that they could unmask private numbers....

It's been long enough, I think they gave up but...

What do they gain by calling me constantly? Is it a prank? I doubt it...

Is it a crime? I have no idea! This doesn't make sense!

I'm waiting a call from Toys R Us today and I hope the next call on my cell phone isn't a prank or whatever it was!!

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