Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Indie awesomeness: Nanobots

Price: FREE!
Type: Adventure
Site: Lively Ivy

Remember when adventure games has several icon on top that were used for different actions? In Nanobots, each action is a different character!

Nanobots is about a hippie scientist trying to make robots capable of love, unfortunately... they hate each other!

The professor that is teaching him about robotics is also trying to build a bot capable of love, and he wants to be the first! He enters his student's room while nobody but the bots are there and raises his first to squish these tiny lil' bots and..... DING! Oh! Coffee is ready! He'll be back later after his had his coffee.... The Nanobots must try to work together to survive before he comes back!

Like I said before each robot has a special ability: Hotbot can heat things up, Brainbot can anaylze, Strongbot can push things around... and so on...

This is a short experimental game, which shouldn't be long or hard since the game is full of tips on what to do next, and it should keep you entertained for about an hour unless you rush through it...

It's short, it's free, it's fun... try it! :3
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