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A rant a mini review...

I might stil be on vacation, but I work as much, maybe even more than usual, we DO have to prepare all the meat before we open...

My copy of Darwinina arrived today but today I played something different...

White Chamber is an underground adventure game, that while short was quite intense...

It is done in an anime style, but it's definetely not for kids!

You play the role of a woman who wakes up... in a coffin, the middle of space and she can't remember who she is or why she is there and more importantly what on Earth in going on!

Soon thing get quite gory, creepy and damned ****ed up even! This isn't a game for the faint of heart!

Even though the game is short, and not that challenging for veteran adventures, the story will keep you going and you have to replay it to see all 4 endings!

Try it out! It's free!

(OK, this review is too short, but the game is short too and I don't what to give away spoilers!)


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