Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Indie awesomeness: The Shivah

Price: 5$
Type: Adventure
Site: Wadjet Eye Games

The Shivah is from the same people who made The Black Legacy, it was their first comercial game actually! You can tell since it looks more like an earlier adventure sprite-wise.

The plot? You are Rabbi Stone, who has almost lost his faith, when all of the sudden someone who left your congregation 8 years ago has died and has left you a large amount of money.... Unfortunately, this make you the prime suspect of his murder! Exciting, isn't it?

This game is all about investigation, by asking people of by using your computer, you'll probably spend a while figuring out the login and password for each PC or person you want to investigate and you own PC was the one that gave me the most trouble... I guess if I was Jewish I would have guessed it sooner?

I was expecting to learn more about the Jewish community and lifestyle... but all I learned was the rabbis like to answer with questions... Oh, well, you can't win them all, right?

The game is quite short, with only five locations and six characters, you can easily beat the game in an hour, but for 5 bucks, what more can you ask for?

But seriously, it's fin, cheap, yet super short, game which comes with bloopers and commentaries like their other games, so it does have some replayability..... You do like replayability, right?

Should I stop ending all sentences in questions?

Is it making you angry?


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