Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Indie awesomeness: Iji

Price: FREE!
Type: Jump & Run RPG
Site: Daniel's Base

Iji was simply visiting her father's lab when the Tasen attack, when she awakes the Tasen have taken over and the only surviving scientist have turned you into a cyborg to fight back the invasion... Can she do it?

Iji is kinda like playing Metroid with RPG elements and level based, the RPG elements actually make the game a bit strategic since you can only gain 5 levels per map and you can't max out all your stats.

Every stat is explained but apart from health, the rest of the stats work better if you have another stat equally leveled. For example you need to level Strength to knock out enemies and doors, but you need to be able to crack the enemies nano-suit after you kick them.

Which skills you levels up also determine which path you can take in each level, and sometimes having the right stat high enough will give you a shortcut.

The most interesting feature in this game is the weapon combining. Combining a shotgun with a machine gun gives you a rapid firing shotgun, the possibilities are limited, but when you get them they do make the game easier!

The game looks a bit like Another World style-wise and has some pretty good music (you can play with an improved soundtrack if you want, I recommend it!) and the game has a good learning curve, it gets really intense near the end, but you should be able to handle it!

The bosses are also quite interesting since most of them are "puzzle bosses", the kind that are easier to beat if you take notice of your surroundings and their pattern.

The story is actually pretty good too, you get to see the invasion from all sides thanks to the log books, which also give you helpful hints too.

To sum it up, apart from the look of the cutscenes (the art is just O.K.) Iji is a solid game with an interesting story and gameplay... that's free... so play it! PLAY IT NOW!


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