Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Why do some people find sexy things sexist?

As a gamer one of the things I keep hearing is how games are so sexist, which is mostly true because they are targeted for horny teenagers, but something that really bothers me is when people talk about good non-sexist female roles and only use Jade from Beyond Good & Evil and Alyx from Half-Life...

The reason they claim they are non sexist? Because they "don't have large breasts and look like ho's"....

And this is what bothers me, because you're basically saying that the sexier the protagonist, the more sexist the game is!

Can't a woman have large breasts or be sexy and still be looked upon as a positive role model? Look at Monica from Wapsi Square! But then again, some people claim Wapsi Square is sexist for the same reason, because it has sexy ladies in it!

Something is sexist when it makes women look bad or like a sexual object, the problem is that it seems that some people think that your character is a sexual object for simply not being ugly!

Beyond Good & Evil would still be a non-sexist game even if Jade was in a bikini and those silly Dead or Alive games would still be sexist even if they all had breast reductions and dressed like nuns... It's about what they do, not about how they look!

It's not like Lara Croft tries to seduce her enemies, right? So why do so many find her sexist?

Am I making any sense here?

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