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Freak out at the flea market!

My parents dragged me out to the flea market, it was the first time I've left the house to go a place that wasn't the mall, and it was horrid...

Let me explain how the Spanish flea market is:

Imagine an antique store or a thrift store, or even a pawn shop. Now imagine them clustered in the same area. Now imagine them opening on Sundays morings using rickety stalls right outside so that everybody can see them. NOW imagine that gypsies and other minorities add even more rickety stalls full of bootleg stuff. Now THAT is the Spanish Fleamarket!

The place was full of fake Levi's, fake enthnic clothes, and well fake stuff, OK, SOME were real...

My parents went there thinking that they might find someone interesed in buying out books, movies or furniture that we wanted to get rid of, but they forgot to bring any photos of the furniture so they couldn't do much...

OH THE THINGS I SAW! I saw a Gane Child (fake Game Boy), a bootleg NES, a bootleg Genesis/Megedrive and a... REAL ONE! But my parents said we wen't there to sell stuff not to buy... ARGH! I even saw a Speccy! CURSES!!!

You should have seen the weird stuff I saw! One guys was selling... realistic photos of food cut out in the shape of a plate... and man there was this guy in a cruddy suit of armor made for tin scraps...

I wish I had brought my camera or atleast taken a photo with my phone.... OH WAIT! I CAN'T!


*bangs head on wall*

THIS is way I don't like going out! That phone cost me OVER 300€ dammit!!!!

I'm still pissed as hell! They didn't let me buy anything and I lost my most valuable posesion! Thank God I didn't bring my iPod or PDA!!!

The silver lining? I was planing on buying a new one, but that wasn't going to be for a long time! A REALLY long time!

My sister called the phone company and "cut the phone off", so at least the won't be making phone calls at my expense....

I think I made a back up, so if I buy a compatible phone the info won't be lost... I did buy several games for that phone too!

The thing is the only phone that is compatible with my info and in my current budget is....

The N-Gage! Yes, I KNOW!

But hey! I'm a bleedin' collector! I wouldn't have bought one eventualy, and it might be big as a "brick" but so was my previous phone!

Dang, I hope I can afford Nintendogs and Meteos when they come out...

OH yeah, my sister gave me some iPod sock thingies...

Over and out and all that rot....

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