Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Blue sky in games!

If must be the colder weather, but lately I crave "warm" games, as in cute and colorful, and as in "stopped being popular in the 80's" games....

It's weird that I crave light and color so close to the darkest holiday, but let's face it, 99% of games today are mud colored gorefests! Not that I hate them, but I'm not in the mood for them...

I have to wait for Little Big Planet, Sonic, Banjo & Kazooie... but at least I have happy games in the future, but what do I play now?

I actually ordered one of the Crash Bandicoot games, since I liked the demo and if I like it I'll probably get the new one?

I might even give Spyro a chance if they bother with a demo! I hated the flying stages...

But.. there has to be more out there than this, right?

Are there any PSN or XBLA games I may have missed that are "warm"? Anything at all?

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