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And now for something completely different: Darwinina!


Previous Entry And now for something completely different: Darwinina! Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 11:03 pm Next Entry
Darwinia is a game like you've never seen before! Imagine a computer genius by the of Dr Sepulveda wwho creates a virtual theme park, which is inhabited by his own creations, the Darwinians. All is well until the world is infected by red computer virii!

Your mission is to destroy the virii and rebuild the world as best as possible...

The graphics are... well, see for yourself!

Since you are inside a program you must do computer related stuff like reclaim the nodes from the virii and reprogram them, and you actually have to MINE polygons to create objects!

You create programs with mouse gestures, like engineer that reporgram infected nodes and trunk bases and carry the data left by the virii to turn them back into Darwinians, squad to defeat the virii and others...

The Darwinians themselves can't be controlled directly but you can upgrade one to an officer which can order them aroundm then you can make them run the refineries and mining facilities to get the polygons needed to build other resources...

You can visit the official site if you want and try the demo too!
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