Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Mr. Robot, half plataform puzzler, half... insipid RPG?

Mr. Robot is a game about... well, robots obviously, in you play as Asimov, a worker bot in a spaceship where all the humans are in cryogenic sleep, and you must take care of the humans and the ship while the trip lasts...

That is, you would be doing that if everything wasn't going haywire! The ship's A.I. called HEL is acting strange too, but with a name like that what do you expect? And with a name like that, you can expect lots of Sci-fi references in this game!

The gameplay is quite simple you run around an isometric field pushing blocks trying to reach the next room, while trying to avoid the rogue robots, which is eeirly similar to Alien 8, a game made by the people who now make Banjo & Kazooie, but that was decades ago, and in this game the puzzles are a bit more clever, but not enough to stump you.

The thing that makes it different from Alien 8 is that you can hack into rogue bots, by jumping on their heads, or many of the computers that you'll find. How is the hacking part? A very plain vanilla RPG, you move around PC components looking Tron-like, fighting Virii or deamons until you dissinfect or take over whatever you are in.

The main problem here is that the RPG part is too unchallenging, when ever I entered a hacking section I pulled out something to read and just kept hitting the action button... and I never lost! Even the final section was too easy since I used a program (a.k.a. spell) that killed the final boss INSTANTLY! 

I still recommend this game, just get something to read when you have to hack! XP
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