Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Halloweeny is getting close! (Suggestions?)

So Halloween is about a month away, and I need to plan!

I was going to make an order to the import US food store, but my sister is going to the US for a business trip just in time! 

What to get? What are the traditional Halloween candies? Candy corn? I'm probably going to ask my sis if she can get me Twizzlers and Jelly Beans too, but I don't really know what's the traditional stuff, or what the US has that we don't? So... what's your favorite candy? Halloween candy or normal candy will do! :3

I'm also thinking of what to do that day, since it falls on a Friday, I should have more free time than other work days, but I don't what to simply watch horror movies all day...

I was thinking of reading one Halloweeny comic (maybe Scary Godmother?), play one Halloweeny game (don't know which yet, but it will have to be a short one!) and then watch a couple horror movies...

In other news, things should be different  in October, I want to do a Halloween storyline for Kitchen Kaos, so I'll try to do it every week day because if I don't the storyline will last until Xmas! I have to plan things out to see if I'll have time to make some halloweeny puns and do that super short story for Sweet Tooth too....

I'm also hoping Spain will finally catch on, and we'll get kids in costume asking for candy this year! 8D

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