Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Mega Man 9! Willy Whomped! (Spoliers) X3

So... I got the Wii version.... And beat it! X3

It's definitely harder than the older Megaman games in the sense that the level design and enemy placement is more evil and harder to get through, but at the same time, it's easier because of the shop, you stock up on energy tanks, lifes, items that protect you from falls or spikes...

The only level that will give you trouble even when fully stocked is obviously Wily's fortress... specially since you fight TWO devils at the same time! DX

The challenges are ridiculous! Beat the game in 60 minutes, never get hit once... This is for the people who can beat easily Ikaruga and Ninja Gaiden even if you cut their arms off...

The game is fun once you get your first weapon and the new weapons are pretty awesome and essential to make it through some stages!

The annoying part is that you have to farm for bolts unless you have mad skills, but once you have the Jewel Satellite there's a certain place in Plug Man's level near the end where you can just use it and sit under an enemy spawning area and do something else while you wait...

OH! Don't judge the difficulty by the demo, the demo level is in the game, but it's kinda impossible to beat without a couple energy cans and the right weapon...
If you've beaten all the previous Mega Man games, you should be able to beat this one! :3
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